Cecil Perera

Chairman / Non-Executive Independent Director 

Cecil is a senior Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court & Notaries Public. He is the Founder and Precedent Partner of LegalInc Attorneys-at-Law, Chairman of LegalInc Secretarial and Management Services (Pvt) Ltd. and LegalInc Trustee Services (Pvt) Ltd. In 2020, he was appointed as an advisor to the Board Secretary of The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. Cecil currently serves as Chairman of Abans Finance PLC, as an Independent Director of Thilanka Hotels Group and MSL Management Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Previously, Cecil has been the Head of Legal at Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC from 1992 to 2002, Legal Officer at L.B. Finance PLC and The Finance Company PLC. His expertise are in Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Recovery, Liquidations, Real Estate, Conveyance, Foreign Investment, Advisory, Immigration, Labour Law and Information Technology. He is the Legal Advisor to Messrs.’ Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants in Sri Lanka since 2002.

Cecil was the former Chairman of Commercial Credit & Finance PLC, until retirement in 2020 after serving for over 9 years. He also served 99X Technologies (Pvt) Ltd as a Director for a period of 10 years.